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Web Page Design [ Tutorial 4 ] Empty Web Page Design [ Tutorial 4 ]

Post  Kenzio on Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:40 am

Answer of Tutorial 4
1.It will create unused spaces within the web page. The problem of unused space can be alleviated somewhat either by centering the table to cut he blank areas into twosection, or by providing background images or effects that made the unused areas more interesting.

2.Using a fixed-width font, each of the character takes up the same amount of space; the proportional fonts will assign a different amount of space for each character depending on the width of that character.

3.<table cellpading=”value”>

4.No border.

5.align ( left right center ) / valign [top center(middle)]

6.Different browsers and operating systems may use different font sizes to display your page’s text, so you should always use a fixed-width font to ensure that the columns in your text tables remain in alignment.


9.You can ensure that the cells do not change in size if you set the width of all the cells in the same column to the same value.

10.text-table:- To perform simple text: data only (for short time of the period)
graphical table:-To display by using graphical element, decorative element.

11.Fixed-width layout =web designers define exact size of every table element in absolute ways such as pixels
Fluid layout - one or more table elements are sized as a percentage of the page width

12. <table border>
<tr align="center" valign="middle">
<td> First cell</td>
<td>Second cell</td>
<tr align="center" valign="middle">
<td> Third cell</td>
<td>Fourth cell</td>

Web Page Design [ Tutorial 4 ] Mypscv10
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